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Cheekwood | Transitional Tudor | Bellemeade

S. Nashville

This custom home by RK Junior was perfect for a family that needed ample living space for their family’s needs.

113 Cheekwood Terrace was built in the Highway-100 Belle Meade Area. The home had 5,000 sq. ft. of living space and was completed in March 2020. RK Junior sold the property for $1,500,000, while that may seem a lot, there were many features that accompanied the price tag.


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Featured Home Cheekwood


This home featured many rooms and other provisions perfect for large families or those who wanted more living and moving space. It had a total of five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. It also featured a rooftop terrace perfect for lounging around in the afternoons.

It also had a bonus room and a garage that could fit up to three cars comfortably. The buyer was the master when it came to the bonus room. They could turn it into a home office for you and your partner. They could also turn it into a guest bedroom or even a library and study area.

Most people thought that properties like this were far from any important places in the city. However, they’re entirely wrong. This property was close to several crucial areas of interest. For instance, the property was minutes from Percy Warner Golf Course and Park. This made it a perfect place for golf enthusiasts.

The location was perfect for someone interested in wine and history and would have enjoyed visiting the nearby Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery. They could learn more about the effect of slavery and emancipation in Nashville through the various historical tours around the estate. But, of course, anyone could also enjoy great wine and food in their winery and restaurant.

The nearby Bracken Foundation Children’s Garden was perfect for scenic views and for a family to take their children out for a walk.

Lastly, children’s schooling was never a problem because many schools were in the area and catered to a family’s academic needs. For example, Julia Green Elementary, John T. Moore Middle School, and Hillsboro Comp High School were the closest schools to the property. These schools offered the best formal education for their students, and their proximity to the house was also a plus. Parents needed to have their kids study near their homes to make less travel time in the morning. Not having to stress about driving 20 or 30 minutes in traffic to get to school was great.

Highway-100 Belle Meade Area, where this property lies, was the best place for a family. They could get to enjoy many features and amenities in their area with their kids. RK Junior knows the importance of having a property with access to many points of interest and needs.

With them, luxury homes do not keep you isolated or out of touch with the world. On the contrary, they keep you close to your needs and preferences with ease. Get the quality of lifestyle your family deserves with this stunning property.